Ep. 3: The Future of Google


Thanks to everyone who had feedback for us about this podcast!

We are still trying things but we think we found an answer.

The Business Breakdowns newsletter looks at businesses through more of a historical lens…

  • what has the company looked like up to this point?

  • what have the financials told us?

  • how does the business make money?

So the goal of the Business Breakdowns podcast will be to see into the future…

  • what could disrupt this business?

  • what will the company look like in 5-10 years?

  • what are the advantages that will create a deeper moat or the disadvantages that make the company susceptible to change?

We received some great feedback on our Netflix episode so we’ll stick with this plan for now.

Without further ado, check out our latest episode…

We talk about the future of Google! 

  • What could "disrupt" it? 

  • Why is it such a strong business?

  • The difference between platforms and search

  • The difference between search and answers

  • Which part of Google's moat could be susceptible

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